Ros Barnes workshop

Organize Your Shop for Good Work Flow

By Erin O'Donnell CEO and Founder, Dovetail Community Workshop How organized is your workshop? Do you outline tools on the pegboard so they can easily find their way home, above have rows of carefully labeled bins? You do? Then will you come organize my garage? Chances are you struggle as I do with keeping things [...]

Max Chavez

Meeting Albuquerque craftsman Max Chavez

By Erin O'Donnell Founder and CEO, Dovetail Community Workshop Max Chavez has left his mark all over New Mexico. Since the 1970s he has created custom doors, cabinets, and furniture with his signature attention to detail and workmanship. Not to mention beauty. If you've been to St. Charles Borromeo church in central Albuquerque, you've seen the [...]

Christmas Tree puzzle decor

Handmade for the Holidays

By Erin O'Donnell, CEO & Founder Dovetail Community Workshop What are the gifts you remember best? We're betting it wasn't a gift card. The holidays are a great time to try your hand at making gifts for loved ones -- just like when we were kids. In December, Dovetail Community Workshop offered the people of Albuquerque the [...]

maker faire Erin Sonja

Dovetail Goes to the Maker Faire!

By Erin O'Donnell, Founder and CEO of Dovetail Community Workshop Kids are just so brave. Or maybe just attracted to danger. On Day 2 of the Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire in August, we reoriented our booth to put our tools out front. They had been set up in the shade, but we realized no one noticed [...]

How to Take Apart a Wooden Pallet

How to Take Apart a Wooden Pallet

By Erin O'Donnell, Founder & CEO, Dovetail Community Workshop Pallet projects are super popular, and most are quite easy to accomplish. The hardest part is breaking down the pallet in the first place. These are industrial devices, built to withstand forklifts and exposure to the elements. They are not, unfortunately, intended to come apart like Lego. [...]

PureColor Water Based Stains

Staining Wood with PureColor

By Erin O'Donnell Founder and CEO, Dovetail Community Workshop When you stain wood, you have a lot of choices: color, gloss, level of protection -- and safety. Traditional stains give off strong fumes, and you should use them only in a well-ventilated area. Plus, a solvent-based stain is guaranteed to stain everything it comes in contact with, [...]

Dovetail Wins Local InnovateHER Competition

We are proud to announce that Dovetail Community Workshop's business plan has won the New Mexico Local Host Competition for the InnovateHER Challenge! This new nationwide prize competition is sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration, in partnership with Microsoft, to find the most innovative products and services that help impact and empower women’s lives. National finalists [...]